Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the RM

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United States of America and United Mexican States


Cultural relations

Moldovan-American cultural relations are related to the Embassy's interaction with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the State Department, non-governmental organizations, foreign diplomatic missions, accredited in the USA, being also marked by activities, carried out annually by the Embassy, which include cultural and promotional events in the country, such as WInternational, International Children's Festival, Around The World Embassy Tour, concerts and presentations, etc.

A significant contribution in the organization and taking place of cultural and representative activities of the country is registered by the Diaspora communities in the regions, but also by the illustrious personalities within them. The respective events take place periodically, and include large-scale festivities, such as the Golden Polenta (Florida), Sorcova Veselă, the Martisor Festival (California), IA Fest, Inima Mea e Moldova (Illinois), concerts with the participation of local celebrities, etc.

At the same time, in the field of science and education it is important to note the cooperation with the National Institute of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the non-profit organization Civil Research and Development Fund (CRDF), with which a Cooperation Agreement was signed in 2000, the National Association of International Educators (NAFSA), AAAS and other education and science institutions. This type of cooperation is remarkable not only through direct interaction with representatives of these organizations, but also through participation in thematic events (NAFSA International Conference, AAAS Annual Meeting, International Education Week, etc.).

It is equally important to mention, that in these interactions, bilateral relations are strengthened through popular diplomacy thanks to various exchange programs for young people (FLEX, etc.), professionals from various fields (TEAP, PfP, IVLP, Fulbright, etc.), etc. These contacts are additionally extended by humanitarian actions, carried out at the initiative of Moldovan communities in various US states and with the assistance of relevant non-governmental organizations (Touching A Life, The Moldova Project, etc.).