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Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United States of America and United Mexican States


Notarial acts

Time to provide the service: 20 minutes
Scheduling is mandatory: one applicant, a single notarial act = one appointment

  • power of attorney for individuals - 28 $
  • power of attorney on behalf of the legal entity - 55 $
  • legalization of signatures on documents (notary declarations) - 17 $
  • legalization of copies (for one page) - 7 $
  • certification of certain facts: –

    a) certification of the fact of the person being alive, the fact of the person being in a certain place – 22 $

    b) certification of the person's identity with the person in the presented photo 17 $

    c) certification of the time (date) of presentation of a certain document 19 $

    d) other notarial documents $39

detailed information about the fees for all notarial documents can be viewed under the heading consular fees.

The embassy can draw up the following notarial documents:
  • Powers of attorney - through which one or more persons authorize another person or persons to represent their interests for the performance of concrete, detailed legal actions.
  • Notarial declarations - the signature of the person who draws up the declaration will be legalized (example: agreement for child travel abroad, agreement to complete the passport for the child, declarations regarding acceptance or refusal of succession).
  • Legalization of copies of documents and extracts from them – the Embassy will legalize the copy of the document presented in the original.
  • Issuance of duplicates of notarial documents drawn up by the diplomatic mission - duplicates of notarial documents drawn up by the Embassy can be issued at the request of the person who drew up the document or of the person in whose favor the document was drawn up.
  • Certification of certain facts, in the cases provided for by law (example: certification of the person being alive, others).
  • Other notarial acts - other notarial acts permitted by law and which are not found above, the corresponding document will be authenticated.
  • The original and valid identity document of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova in the original (passport or identity card with the accompanying sheet / accompanying sheet is not required in the case of a new type of ID).
  • Copy of the authorized person's ID or valid Moldovan passport.
  • In cases of actions concerning immovable property (houses, apartments, agricultural land, etc.) and/or movable property (cars, motorcycles, etc.), copies of official documents for the respective property will be presented, which will include identification data and the cadastral number. For means of transport – a copy of the technical passport or data on the registration number, vehicle identification number, brand, VIN code, others as appropriate.
  • Depending on the type of service requested, the consular officer may request the presentation of other information or confirmations.
  • In the case of the declaration of accompanying the minor, the legal representative will present the copy of the child's valid passport, as well as the copy of the passport of the person accompanying him. The law expressly indicates that the declaration should include the period of travel, the country of transit and destination, as well as the purpose of the trip.
  • For each notarial act, the applicant must have a separate appointment. If the person requests two notarial documents, he must have two appointments.
  • The notarial deed can NOT be drawn up by post - the presence of the applicant is mandatory.
  • The notarial deed is drawn up in Romanian and issued on the day of the appointment.
  • The legislation of the Republic of Moldova does not provide for a specific term of validity of a power of attorney, so its term will be indicated according to the request of the applicant of the notarial deed.
  • A parent's consent is sufficient for minors to travel abroad accompanied by third parties. The law expressly indicates that the declaration should include the period of travel, the country of transit and destination, as well as the purpose of the trip. In the case of children traveling with only one parent, the declaration is not required.
  • For the travel of the minor holder of the citizenship of another state, to and from the territory of that state, it is recommended to check the official information of the respective states.
  • According to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, minors (students) who have reached the age of 14 and are enrolled for studies in educational institutions from other states, upon exiting and entering the Republic of Moldova, present the registration document at the respective educational institution and the declaration issued by one of the parents, authenticated by a notary, containing his consent for the minor's exit and entry to the Republic of Moldova, indicating the destination country, the purpose of the trip, the period of the minor's stay in the destination country. The declaration is valid for a period of one year of studies.
  • In the case of other legal representatives - their consent, confirmed by the decision of the territorial guardianship authority. The declaration is valid for a period of one year of studies.
  • The notarial documents must indicate exactly the purpose of the powers of attorney that are granted. Notarial documents with general texts may be refused by the Moldovan authorities. Thus, at the time of the interview, you must know and communicate to the consular officer concrete details about the act to be drawn up (e.g. in the case of the sale of goods, it is recommended to have a copy of the extract from the Cadastral Register, which confirms the address, the cadastral code of the asset, as the case may be, the copy of the technical passport of the means of transport.
  • In the case of perfecting the succession, following the death of relatives, you must declare whether you accept or refuse the succession and present the copy of the death certificate of the deceased person, in order to include this data in the notarial deed. In specific cases, we recommend that you contact the case notary in Moldova who will guide you through the exact procedure to follow in your case. In situations where it is necessary to obtain a customized text, we recommend that you obtain the text from the notary in the Republic of Moldova in the Word version, which will later be sent by email to
  • Proof of payment of consular fees - fees will be paid by Money Order, Zelle, or by transfer to the Embassy's bank account - details in the heading Consular and related fees.