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Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United States of America and United Mexican States


Issuing the public key certificate

Time to provide the service: 15 minutes
Scheduling is mandatory one applicant = one appointment

  • In accordance with the provisions of article 8, paragraph (1) of Law 242/2010 on consular fees, for the processing of the request by the Embassy this service is free of charge. However, the fee for the service of issuing the certificate by Information Technology and Cyber Security Service are to be paid by accessing the Government service of electronic payments 
  • The deadline for obtaining the public key certificate issued by Information Technology and Cyber Security Service is approximately 40 working days from the date of submission of the application.


Citizens of the Republic of Moldova can apply to the Embassy to obtain an electronic signature. Applications may ONLY be submitted in person or by proxy*, at the Embassy in Washington DC by prior appointment.

  • The original valid Moldovan identity card or the original valid Moldovan passport.
  • The application for the "electronic signature" service is to be completed exclusively by accessing
  • The payment of the service is made exclusively in electronic form, by accessing the Government service of electronic payments according to the options selected when completing the application.

On the time of submitting the documents, you must present the confirmation of payment of the fees, in printed form, as well as the application completed and signed by you.

The embassy will forward your request to the competent authority in the Republic of Moldova, which will decide on it. After receiving the electronic signature, in the form of a memory stick, by the Embassy, or the corresponding response from the issuing authority, the applicant will be notified by E-mail, indicated at the time of appointment. Submitting the application or issuing the electronic signature to the applicant is done only in person or by proxy*. In the case of notarial acts issued by US notaries, the power of attorney must be legalized with an apostille, translated into Romanian and legalized with an apostille. (Apostille is applied to the US Secretary of State in the state where the notary works). It is necessary to include in the texts of the notarial documents the personal data from the valid Moldovan identity documents of the applicant and the data from the valid Moldovan documents of the authorized person, who will submit your application at the Embassy headquarters. The exact purpose for which the person was authorized (e.g. submitting the application and the necessary set of documents at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Washington DC for the purpose of obtaining the electronic signature and picking up the electronic signature at the Embassy). The authorized person must present the appropriate set of documents, including the applicant's original valid Moldovan documents, indicated in the text of the power of attorney, the original power of attorney, and the original personal documents, in order to be identified


Convention on the Abolition of the Requirement of Superlegalization of Foreign Official Documents, concluded on 5 October 1961.

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