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Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United States of America and United Mexican States


Trade and economic relations

In order to boost economic relations between the Republic of Moldova and the US in 2003 was created the Moldovan-American Committee for economic cooperation. Its last meeting was held in Washington, DC, on March 3, 2014, during the official visit to the US of the Prime-minister of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Iurie Leanca.


A Moldovan-American working group in the energy sector was launched in Chisinau on March 24, 2014, as part of the bilateral Strategic Dialogue, recently initiated in Washington. The Coordinator for International Energy Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, Ambassador Carlos Pascual said the United States would provide the needed support for Moldova’s integration into the European energy system and reiterated the USA’s further backing to increase investments in projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy.


According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova, in 2014 the Moldovan-American trade totaled 108448.6 million USD (an increase of 10% compared with 2013), of which exports - 32.1 million USD (increased by 27% compared with 2013), imports - 76.4 million USD (increased by 3.8% compared with 2013).


U.S. Assistance to Moldova


Since 1992, the United States has provided nearly $1.2 billion in assistance to Moldova, including over $22 million in FY 2013 and a five-year, $262 million Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact launched in 2010. This assistance has supported an array of democratic, economic, justice-sector, and other reforms that advance Moldova’s European integration and illustrate the strength of the U.S.-Moldova bilateral relationship. As part of Prime Minister Leanca’s visit to Washington (March 3-4, 2014), the United States announced a 60-percent increase of U.S. assistance targeted to boost the productivity and competitiveness of Moldovan businesses and to facilitate access of Moldovan wine to European Union (EU) markets. Ongoing U.S. programs in Moldova support the following objectives:


Supporting Sustainable Economic Growth


The programs announced today will help Moldovan businesses benefit from the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement under the Association Agreement that Moldova expects to sign with the EU later this year, leading to increased investment and job creation. Additionally, U.S. academic and professional exchanges will enhance Moldovans’ business skills and agricultural productivity. The United States also encourages foreign investment in Moldova by helping to reduce barriers to trade and improve the ease of doing business. These programs complement the MCC Compact, which supports a transition to high-value agriculture through the rehabilitation of roads and irrigation systems.


Strengthening Democracy and the Rule of Law


Programs strengthen Moldova’s democratic institutions and processes, including by promoting a vibrant civil society, improving local governance, and supporting more active participation by Moldovans in civic life. U.S. assistance also strengthens the rule of law in Moldova by improving judicial administration, training judges and prosecutors, and promoting public awareness of justice-sector reforms and legislation. Collectively, these programs reduce corruption while increasing government transparency and accountability, which will be crucial to fulfilling Moldova’s European aspirations.


Enhancing Security and Law Enforcement


The United States also provides assistance to help Moldova prevent and combat transnational crimes, particularly trafficking in persons, cybercrime, and the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials. These programs help to ensure the integrity of Moldova’s borders and assist Moldova in meeting EU visa liberalization and border security requirements. The United States also supports the professionalization of Moldova’s military. U.S. assistance enhances Moldova’s capabilities to become a force provider for peacekeeping and stability operations and to promote regional security.


U.S. assistance through the Millennium Challenge Corporation


The Compact is an assistance program offered to the Republic of Moldova by the U.S. Government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation for the period 2010-2015, providing major investment in eradication of constraints hindering the Moldovan economy, such as disastrous roads infrastructure and underdeveloped irrigation system.


The Compact is implemented according to the Agreement signed on 22 January 2010 by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation. Under this financial agreement, our country will be provided financial assistance valued 262 million U.S. dollars for a period of five years, to implement the projects Transition to a modern agriculture and Rehabilitation of road network.


The management of the investment projects, financial and technical assistance projects within the framework of the Compact is done by the public institution, Millennium Challenge Moldova Fund, established by the Governmental Decision no 230 of March 6, 2010. For details visit