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Startup Moldova Summit 2024

Published on: Fri, 16/02/2024 - 18:03

The forthcoming Startup Moldova Summit 2024, organized by the Startup Moldova Foundation, is the most important event celebrating the tech startups and is scheduled for March 14th in Moldova. This summit is strategically designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation within Moldova's tech ecosystem.

The summit serves as a connecting point for a diverse array of participants, including startup enthusiasts, IT professionals, businesses seeking innovation, investors, and various industry experts. Anticipate a substantial turnout, with over 350 participants and more than 50 startups represented. The event will also feature influential speakers and investors from renowned firms such as startup_wise_guys, presto ventures, Mozaic, Inovo, Business Angels Moldova, among others.

At the core of the event is the pitch competition, which grants startups a platform to present their ideas to potential investors, paving the way for crucial support to advance their projects. Beyond pitching, the summit underscores the significance of networking and collaboration, fostering connections among startup founders, investors, donors, and representatives from both public and private sectors.

In 2023, the summit achieved global recognition, drawing the attention of international startup entities like Startup Blink, Techstars, Atomico, thereby solidifying its place on the global stage. The summit transcends a one-time occurrence; it serves as a foundational platform dedicated to nurturing innovative ventures and forging enduring connections with partners, investors, and mentors.

One of the exclusive highlights of the summit is the access it provides to a pool of talents. Executive teams seeking exceptional talent for their technological companies can find promising prospects among the attendees. Moreover, tech startup teams can identify potential partners for the implementation of their projects, strengthening the collaborative spirit of the event.

Additional exclusive features include the Investors Lounge, the Startup Lounge, and the Mainstage, offering profound insights into the latest trends in the startup landscape. Additionally, an exclusive post-event dinner is tailored to cater to the specific interests and needs of executives and tech startup founders.

The Startup Moldova Summit 2024 marks a huge milestone in Moldova's tech evolution, where innovation, investment, and ideas are set to take a new course. Secure your tickets during the pre-sale period on the official event website:

- Attendee Ticket: Gain access to the mainstage, pitch competition, and extensive networking opportunities. Startup Moldova Summit 2024 (

- Executive Ticket: Secure exclusive access to the Investors Lounge, the post-event dinner, and premium networking. Startup Moldova Summit 2024 (

We invite you to join us at the Startup Moldova Summit 2024 to not only be part of this transformation but also to harness the valuable resources and connections it offers. Together, we will shape Moldova's tech future!