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A deceased Moldovan citizen can be transported from the United States of America to the Republic of Moldova only after having obtained the mortuary passport issued by the Embassyof Moldova to the USA.

For the mortuary passport the following documents are required, in original:

1. Application for the mortuary passport addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Moldova to the USA (it may be submitted by a relative of the deceased person or by the representative of the funeral home). There is no specific template for the application, it must detail the situation, the request for the mortuary passport and the itinerary (transport route and places of departure from the USA, transit and arrival in the Republic of Moldova); 

2. Moldovan identity document of the deceased person (passport, identity card); if the deceased person also had another citizenship, a copy of the foreign passport will be presented in addition;

3. Copy of the identity document of the person who addresses the application to the Consular Section to obtain the mortuary passport (relative of the deceased person or the representative of the funeral home);

4. The death certificate issued by the American authorities legalized with Apostille stamp (the apostille may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of State where death certificate - for information check The certificate must mention the cause of death;

5. Proof that the body of the deceased does not present a danger to public health (issued by the funeral home company that prepares the transport);

6. Certificate of embalming or, as the case may be, cremation (issued by the funeral home company preparing the transport);

7. Proof that the coffin has been properly sealed and does not present a danger to the environment (issued by the funeral home company preparing the transport);

8. The air ticket.

No consular fees are charged for issuing the mortuary passport.

ATTENTION! If the request is mailed, you should additionally provide a self-addressed USPS Priority prepaid envelope (with tracking number and stamps). This envelope will be used by the Embassy to return the documents and the mortuary passport.

FOR THE RELATIVES OF THE DECEASED! In case when a Moldovan citizen dies abroad, the relatives of the deceased have the obligation to register the death in the Moldovan civil status documents by transcript (for information visit