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Customs rules


Individuals have the right to enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova objects of cultural heritage only if they present to the Customs Service:


  • the authorization issued by the competent authority of the sending state to certify the origin, ownership and purpose of the valuable items shipped abroad,
  • the compliance with the economic policy of the Republic of Moldova,
  • the certificate confirming the payment of import duties,
  • the filled customs declaration.


Where customs authorities have suspicions that the transported object presents cultural value, and the individual refutes this, the passage of the object will be allowed, provided that the subsequent presentation of the authorization issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova that will determine the cost and value of cultural heritage.


Individuals may not remove from the territory of Moldova objects with cultural value. Other objects of value in art, literature, science, culture and religion can be removed from the territory of Moldova if they are accompanied by the authorization issued by the Ministry of Culture, by which is specified the cost of the object and confirmed that it does not present cultural value.


Introducing and removing the currency


Form of declaration Amount in foreign currency or the equivalent in national currency


Written statement At entry At exit
Optional amounts up to 10.000 Euroamounts up to 10.000 Euro
Required amounts over 10.000 Eurofrom 10.000 to 50.000 Euro (*)

(*) Will be presented to customs:
(1) documents confirming the introduction of money in Moldova;
(2) and / or permission to remove money from Moldova, issued by licensed banks;
(3) and / or authorization to remove money from Moldova, issued by the National Bank of Moldova.


Introducing in the Republic of Moldova of national currency cash and cash / travelers checks in foreign currency is not limited.


Individuals are required to declare in writing to customs amounts that exceed 10.000 Euro (or equivalent) per person / trip.


For more information, visit the website of the Customs Service of Moldova: