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Moldova exhibited in premiere at Аrtomatic

Published on: Mon, 08/04/2024 - 19:01

During a reception held on April 4, 2024, the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova proudly presented national artistic talents for the first time at the 25th anniversary edition of the Artomatic exhibition in Washington DC.

ARTOMATIC is the largest non-juried art festival organized by and for artists in Washington DC, and this year's anniversary edition has reserved 8 floors for artists, the last of which includes a variety of international artworks.

On the 8th floor, you can also find the special exhibition entitled „Nostalgia”, which was designed by Romanian At Heart and includes painting, sculpture and photography that represent the vibrant cultural landscape of the art from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, including two artists from the Republic of Moldova – Vasiluța Vasilache and Irina Vishnevscaia.

Artomatic is open to the general public free of charge from March 8th to April 28th – all the curious and enthusiasts who were not able to join our reception, we highly recommend them to visit this special exhibition and take a selfie with the art of our artists from Moldova!

Among the distinguished artists exhibited, Vasilută Vasilache was present at the reception, adding a personal touch to the event. Her presence offered the participants a unique opportunity to interact directly with the creative mind behind the captivating works on display, namely two paintings in fluorescent colors from the series „Healing Plants”, specially created in 2023 by the artist as part of the "Artist in Residence" program at Washington DC.

Moldovan-Ukrainian artist Ирина Вишневская contributed traditional old carpet (kilim, tapestry) depicting „Motanka” – a handmade doll from Ukraine which symbolizes prosperity, hope and resilience. The artist had to flee Odessa after the start of the war, and all her works since then have been devoted to this subject – a way to process the war for the artist and help process it for the public. On this occasion, a copy of such a doll was presented, made by Ukrainian children who found refuge in Moldova. The embassy invites everyone to visit the Artomatic Marketplace on April 20-21, 2024, where such art objects will be sold, made by refugee children from Ukraine in Moldova. All profits will go to support them and their families.

The reception attracted a diverse and enthusiastic crowd of art lovers, supporters of the Republic of Moldova, both from the US Congress, as well as representatives of the diaspora, academia and the non-governmental field, who tasted Moldovan wine while enjoying this special occasion. Their presence underscored the growing appreciation for Moldovan art and culture on the world stage.

His Excellency, Ambassador Viorel Ursu expressed his joy at the opportunity to present the artistic talent of Moldova at such a prestigious event. He emphasized the importance of cultural exchanges in strengthening ties between nations and in promoting mutual understanding and appreciation.

The Embassy extends special thanks to the artists who shared their art on this beautiful occasion, as well as to Maxim Anmeghichean and Daniela Kammrath for their dedication and efforts in promoting the richness and diversity of our art and its ability to captivate audiences worldwide.